Bavarian Lederhosen

European Fashion and Gifts by Ernst Licht offers the greatest variety of American and German lederhosen.  USA lederhosen are manufactured in our store in PA and offers styles of black, brown and gray leather to fulfill your Oktoberfest needs.  Time and detail is put into the elaborate embroidery found not only on our Bavarian lederhosen but all our German dirndls. For traditional needs like German dance clubs (Plattlerhosen) and German Heritage Clubs, we offer customizable options to fit your individual needs.  Our German imported collections are the newest Bavarian styles to make sure you look the part during your next trip to Germany.  Whether you like the traditional lederhosen or the longer bundhosen style, we have the latest quality lederhosen to fit your needs. Add this with a German imported shirt, socks, Alpine hat, suspenders and beer stein, you’ll look like you stepped right out of Bavaria. Lederhosen isn’t only for men… We offer styles for women with our ladies’ lederhosen collection too!