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European Fashion and Gifts by Ernst Licht offers the greatest variety of American-made and also German-imported lederhosen.  Our USA lederhosen are manufactured in our store in PA and offers styles of black, brown and gray leather to fulfill your Oktoberfest needs. Lots of time and strenuous detail is put into the elaborate embroidery found in all our work. All our work is of high quality-- guaranteed to last! For traditional needs like German dance clubs (Plattlerhosen) and German Heritage Clubs, we offer custom options to fit your individual needs.  Our German imported collections are the newest Bavarian styles to make sure you look the part during your next trip to Germany and all your German needs.  Whether you like the traditional lederhosen or the longer bundhosen style, we have it all! All the Authentic high quality trachten wear to fit your needs. Add this with a German imported shirt, socks, Alpine hat, suspenders and beer stein, and you’ll look like you stepped right out of Bavaria. Lederhosen isn’t only for men… We offer styles for women too! Our German roots keep us interested in the latest and best trachten wear around. Nicely priced trachten wear that are of the highest quality is our game. Have you ever had the issue of low quality trachten wear? Items that wear out quickly, tear, or are uncomfortable? Our products do not sacrifice quality or comfort! Our trachten wear are made to last, with only the best quality materials. We pour our hearts into our craft, this is not just a business for us -- this is our passion! There are many more reasons why you should buy lederhosen from us, but we'll let our work do the talking-- come into our Solvang store located in Solvang, California and see what we have to offer in person! Once you see the high quality, highly detailed nature of our products you could buy in store or hop online to finalize your order! We are confident that our product will move you to do so. We are a trusted source, well known name, big players in the industry. Our relationship with our customers does not end once the sale is finalized -- we have top rated customer service to answer and questions, comments, and concerns that may come up once you are no longer in store. Buy lederhosen from us-- the biggest US importer of German goods.